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84. Looking Back To Move Forward with Erik Schei, CFA

  • Esther Szabo and Erik Schei look back at the questions clients wanted the answer to in 2021 and discuss financial planning trends moving into 2022
  • They discuss some of the themes they noticed and the pandemic’s impact on political, investment, and societal events

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83. Navigating Loss During The Holidays

  • Esther Szabo addresses successfully navigating grief during the holidays.

  • Esther shares her and her clients’ tips and experiences of getting through this challenging time of year and to the other side.

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82. Making the Most of Employee Benefits with Erik Schei, CFA

  • Esther Szabo and her associate Erik Schei discuss personal insurance options provided by employers and private companies.

  • They reveal the potential benefits and disadvantages of each and what you need to consider when selecting the best options for yourself.

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81. The World Of Art Appraisal with Andrea Roth

  • Esther Szabo is joined by Andrea Roth, an independent art appraiser accredited by the American Society of Appraisers, to discuss the role of art appraisal within estate planning.
  • Andrea shares her experience as an appraiser, how she determines the value of a piece and the role of authenticators within her work

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80. Protect Your Home and Assets with Derry Wisnom

  • Esther Szabo welcomes Derry Wisnom of Risk Strategy Company to discuss home protection through insurance broker and how you can customize your plan to fit your needs
  • Derry reveals the importance of umbrella insurance in the event of an accident or natural disaster

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79. Navigating the Complexities of Divorce with Children With Paul Seabrook

  • Esther Szabo is joined by Paul Seabrook, founder and attorney at Seabrook Law Offices, to discuss the potential complexities of divorce on the parties involved and their children.
  • Paul details how to navigate a complex divorce, explaining why you should push for a settlement wherever possible, and avoid disparaging the other party to minimize damage for the children involved.

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78. 3rd Quarter Economic & Market Review With Robert Meckstroth

  • In this episode, Robert Meckstroth discusses how he helps advisors focus on clients while his company focuses solely on investment strategies and portfolio planning.
  • Learn about different types of investors and the importance of tailoring a client’s portfolio to their risk level and what stage of life they’re in.

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77. Taking Care Of Medicare With Susan Lucas

Everyone knows age 65 = Medicare. But the many decisions to make about coverage and plans often catches people by surprise.

In this episode, Esther Szabo is joined by Susan Lucas, a licensed insurance agent specializing in Medicare education and benefits with My Insurance Solutions Inc. Susan discusses when to start planning for coverage, the respective costs for coverage, and how to determine an appropriate plan for one’s needs.

Susan discusses: 

  • What to consider when enrolling in Medicare coverage
  • The purpose of Plans A, B, and D
  • The various applications and considerations of Medicare
  • How your taxable income affects your premiums
  • How to fill the gaps in Medicare with supplemental coverage options
  • And more

Connect With Susan Lucas:

Connect With Esther Szabo: 

About Our Guest: Susan Lucas is a Licensed Insurance Agent, with My Insurance Solutions, specializing in Medicare education and benefits.  Susan’s focus is helping Medicare beneficiaries and people who are turning 65 find the right benefits for their health needs and budget, with licenses in CA, NV, FL and ME.”

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8/25/2021 -76. How Professional Organizers Help Couples Navigate Through Divorce With Joan McCreary

  • In this episode, Esther Szabo welcomes back Joan McCreary, Certified Professional Organizer® and hoarding specialist at JMPO Estate and Home Organizing, to discuss Joan’s experience helping couples and individuals navigating property division through divorce.
  • Joan shares her expertise, and details how organizers can help clients navigate the emotional experience of dividing their belongings and separating their physical lives.

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8/11/2021 – 75. Professional Organizers For People & Estates With Joan McCreary

  • In this episode, Esther Szabo is joined by Certified Professional Organizer® Joan McCreary, to discuss how professional organizers get to know their clients’ habits, goals and life transitions to sort through the clutter. 
  • Joan details how she navigates the organization process through a variety of scenarios, including estate closings and general organization needs.

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7/28/2021 – 74. Be Financially Fearless With Dr. Barbara Provost

  • In this episode, Esther Szabo speaks with Dr. Barbara Provost, founder of Purse Strings, to discuss ways women can become financially fearless.
  • Barbara shares her insight about why women have historically been underrepresented in the financial world, and steps they can take to gain control over their financial future.

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7/14/2021 – 73. The Future of Cryptocurrency With David Makman

  • In this episode, Esther Szabo explores the foundations of cryptocurrencies with IP and Technology attorney David Makman.
  • Esther and David discuss the potential implications of cryptocurrencies, including how they are challenging the value and definition of the dollar, and impact for investors

Connect With David Makman:

Connect With Esther Szabo: 

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6/30/2021 – 72. How Will the Biden Tax Proposals Affect Your Personal Finances? With Michael Fujii

  • Learn the importance of preparing for the proposed tax changes under the Biden Administration in this episode with Michael Fujii, partner at Johanson & Yau Accountancy Corporation.
  • Hear how to efficiently plan for these changes, including changes to income tax brackets, capital gains taxes and the removal of the step up in basis. 

Connect With Michael Fujiii: 

Connect With Esther Szabo: 

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6/16/2021 – 71. Estate Planning for Children With Special Needs With Ellen Cookman

  • Discover how to develop and implement a special needs trust with guest Ellen Cookman, JD, LLM, certified specialist in estate planning, trust and probate law at Cookman Law, PC.
  • Ellen explains the importance of flexibility for those who implement a special needs trust within their overall plan, as well as details the tax exemption available in 2021.

Connect With Ellen Cookman:

Connect With Esther Szabo: 

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6/02/2021 – 70. Answering Your Questions About the Economy and Market in 2021

  • Learn whether the markets have fully recovered from the dip they took through 2020 as Esther Szabo describes the current markets compared to last year.
  • Discover what has changed and what you can expect from the market as normalcy continues to return after the COVID-19 pandemic.


Connect With Esther Szabo: 

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5/19/2021 – Episode 69: Making the Right Retirement Home Decision — With Dr. Jim McCabe

  • Learn the various retirement living options available to you with Dr. Jim McCabe, president of ElderCare Resources.
  • Jim shares his insight about retirement living options, including why it’s so important for retirees to consider social interactions and relationships. 

Gates Pass Advisors: (650) 797-0280 | esther@gatespassadvisors.com | Esther Szabo’s LinkedIn | Dr. Jim McCabe’s LinkedIn | jmeldercare@yahoo.com: (480) 231-5984 | The Senior’s Housing Dilemma: Stay or Move?  | Senior Living: Senior Housing: Senior Retirement: The Best Places For Seniors To Retire To Cheaply, How To Find The Right Housing And Strategies For Living Comfortably

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5/5/2021 – Episode 68: Moving During COVID-19? Here’s What You Need to Know — With Patrice Horvath

  • Learn how the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way people in the United States are purchasing and selling homes in this informative episode with realtor Illuminate Properties founder, Patrice Horvath. 
  • Patrice shares the special considerations movers and sellers must keep in mind due to the COVID-19 pandemic and shares her journey and growth as a realtor since her last appearance on Women & Wealth.


Gates Pass Advisors: (650) 797-0280 | esther@gatespassadvisors.com | Esther Szabo’s LinkedIn | Patrice Horvath: (650) 520-7675 | patrice@illuminateproperties.com | Illuminate Properties | Episode 19 – Finding Support in Realtors When Transitioning Homes

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4/21/21 – Episode 67: Helping High Earners Effectively Strategize their Financial Futures – With Erik Schei, CFA

  • In this episode, learn about the HENRY (High Earners, Not Rich Yet) demographic and the financial considerations that come with it. 
  • Join Esther Szabo and Gates Pass Advisors’ Erik Schei as they break down the unique financial opportunities available to this demographic and the challenges they may face.

Gates Pass Advisors: (650) 797-0280 | esther@gatespassadvisors.com | Esther Szabo’s LinkedIn | Erik Schei’s Linkedin | erik@gatespassadvisors.com

4/7/21 – Episode 66: Solutions for Navigating the High Cost of College — With Nancy Paul

  • Discover ways you can secure your financial future while helping your kids fund their education in this episode with college planning expert Nancy Paul 
  • Nancy shares cost-saving strategies that will empower parents and students to gain confidence, increase their opportunities, and find greater financial freedom

Gates Pass Advisors: (650) 797-0280 | esther@gatespassadvisors.com | Esther Szabo’s LinkedIn | Pay Less for College Video Series | The College Treasure Chest

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3/24/2021 – Episode 65: How to Give a Killer Presentation — with Kristi Royse

  • In this episode, Esther Szabo talks with Kristi Royse, the founder and CEO of KLR Consulting to explore how you can make the most of your presentations and pitch moments
  • Kristi reveals the expert insight she uses when coaching and supporting her clients, helping them deliver amazing presentations so they can excel in their leadership roles and achieve their personal goals 

Gates Pass Advisors: (650) 797-0280 | esther@gatespassadvisors.com | Esther Szabo’s LinkedIn | KLR Consulting | Kristi Royse’s LinkedIn 

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02/24/2021 – Episode 63: How to Gain Clarity Around Your Spending: Part 2 — With Alison Salisbury

  • To help you put together your 2021 budget, Fiscally Fit’s Alison Salisbury reveals effective ways you can create a budget that’s tailored to your needs, no matter how COVID-19 may have impacted your financial picture
  • Learn how you can protect yourself online and avoid online scammers and fraud