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7/14/2021 – 73. The Future of Cryptocurrency With David Makman

  • In this episode, Esther Szabo explores the foundations of cryptocurrencies with IP and Technology attorney David Makman.
  • Esther and David discuss the potential implications of cryptocurrencies, including how they are challenging the value and definition of the dollar, and impact for investors

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3/17/2021 – Episode 64: Behavioral Finance and the Psychology of Investing — With Jay Mooreland

  • To help you better understand your investing behaviors, Jay Mooreland joins Esther Szabo to discuss ways he helps investors understand how biases influence their investment decisions. 
  • Jay highlights ways you can tune-in to your behaviors and learn from past mistakes to improve future financial decisions.

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02/24/2021 – Episode 63: How to Gain Clarity Around Your Spending: Part 2 — With Alison Salisbury

  • To help you put together your 2021 budget, Fiscally Fit’s Alison Salisbury reveals effective ways you can create a budget that’s tailored to your needs, no matter how COVID-19 may have impacted your financial picture
  • Learn how you can protect yourself online and avoid online scammers and fraud 

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02/10/2021 – Episode 62: How to Gain Clarity Around Your Spending – With Alison Salisbury

  • In this episode, join Esther Szabo and Alison Salisbury, the owner and founder of Fiscally Fit, as they highlight ways you can get a handle on your spending 
  • They discuss tools to help you identify your spending habits and reveal how understanding your cash flow can help you feel in control of your finances

Gates Pass Advisors: (650) 797-0280 | esther@gatespassadvisors.com | Esther Szabo’s LinkedIn | Fiscally Fit: (650) 965-4090