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10/07/2020 – Episode 53 — 5 Considerations for Your 2020 Year-End Planning

  • Prepare to to tackle your year-end planning tasks with Esther Szabo’s list of the 5 things you should think about as you plan for your transition into 2021
  • Discover the impact the election, COVID-19, and holiday season could bring to your financial plan — and how to plan accordingly

Gates Pass Advisors: (650) 797-0280 | esther@gatespassadvisors.com | Esther Szabo’s LinkedIn

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9/24/2020 – Episode 52 – 5 Tips for Managing the Loss of a Loved One

  • Join Esther Szabo as she shares her first-hand experience with transition after the passing of her mother on August 30, 2020
  • Discover emotional and financial tips that everyone should know when managing the loss of a loved one

Esther Szabo | Gates Pass Advisors 

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5/13/20 Episode 44 – Protecting Yourself Through Transition With Long-Term Care Insurance — with Elena Smirnov-Otis

  • Hear how planning ahead with long-term care insurance impacted Elena Smirnov-Otis’ experience with transition when her husband was suddenly diagnosed with an incurable chronic illness at age 60.
  • Learn Elena’s words of advice, tips, and tricks for those who may also be planning ahead with, or are currently navigating transition, with long-term care insurance 

Resources:  Gates Pass Advisors | esther@gatespassadvisors.com | Esther Szabo’s LinkedIn | elena@gaps-USA.com | Being Mortal — Atul Gawande