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87. 5 Obstacles That Could be Preventing You From Achieving Your Goals with Lela Meinke

Financial planning is all about goal achievement. However, the ability to attain one’s desired goals can be limited by one’s mindset and habits. 

In this episode, Esther Szabo is joined once more by Lela Meinke, founder of Serenity Cards and Coaching. Lela reveals five common hurdles people face when planning and articulating goals and shares how you can overcome them.

Esther and Lela discusses: 

  • How role models impact an individual’s mindset
  • How to shift mindset to increase openness to possibilities
  • How technology impacts goals and success
  • Ways to increase one’s confidence in achieving goals
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Lela Meinke’s purpose is to help people find and express their best voice and most creative and authentic self. She has always loved learning and growing and serving as a kind mirror and coach for others.

Highly engaging workshop facilitator and talent development coach who optimizes individual and team performance by bringing heart into business, by connecting teams with their purpose, and by giving leaders, individuals and teams a lasting process that unleashes people’s potential toward achieving excellence

86. Market Volatility In 2022 with Erik Schei, CFA

Inflation, geopolitical issues and impending interest rate increases are impacting the markets.

In this episode, Esther Szabo and Erik Schei will discuss why the market has become increasingly volatile. Their overview digs into the impact of the ongoing supply chain disruption on inflation, Federal Reserve strategy, what to expect in 2022, and how to maintain an investment program despite short term turbulence. 

Esther and Erik discuss: 

  • The difference between past recessions and the pandemic recession
  • How the Federal Reserve works and its impact on investors
  • The biggest impact of inflation
  • How effective investors successfully navigate uncertainty
  • And more

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