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01/08/20 – Episode 35 — A New Decade of Planning: How to Plan for your 2020 Vision

  • Make financial decisions with confidence even if beginning a new phase
  • Tactical changes to portfolios Gates Pass Advisors is making 
  • Discover the importance of incorporating your personal touchstone into your financial plan


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12/23/19 – Episode 34 — Life Transitions and the Holidays — Help is here!

  • Learn helpful tips for navigating the stresses of the holiday season, especially during times of transition.
  • Discover how a Certified Financial Transitionist®, like Esther Szabo,  supports making the best decisions for you 


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12/13/19 – Episode 33 — Care for Your Finances (And You!) This Holiday Season

  • Learn year end financial opportunities you may not want to miss to confidently enter the New Year.
  • Hear practical suggestions for self-care during transition and the holidays


Gates Pass Advisors | | Episode 15: Navigating Transition Through Nutrition: Part 1 — With Guest Anasuya Basil | Episode 16: Navigating Transition Through Nutrition: Part 2 — With Guest Anasuya Basil | My Body Wisdom


11/27/19 Episode 32 — Solving Your Divorce Puzzle With Forensic Accounting: Part 2 — With Irina Anissimova, CPA, CFF

  • Discover how forensic accountants, like Irina Anissimova, help determine spousal and child support during the divorce process
  • Learn what needs to be considered when a business is involved in the divorce and how Irina can help guide the process


Gates Pass Advisors | | Irina Anissimova | Episode 24: Contemplating Divorce? This is a must-listen episode! — With Guest, Karen D. Sparks, CDFA™, J.D.


11/13/19 Episode 31 — Solve Your Divorce Puzzle With Forensic Accounting: Part 1 — With Irina Anissimova, CPA, CFF

  • Learn how forensic accountants like Irina Anissimova can help simplify and solve your divorce case
  • Discover why women in particular need to become more educated about divorce and which professionals can help them get the best outcomes

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10/30/19 Episode 30 — Key Items to Address With Estate Planning Attorney E.J. Hong: Part 2

  • Learn what probate is and why it’s important to avoid. Hear about a surprising case that EJ handled that brought the fire department on scene!
  • Estate planning considerations during life’s transitions such as marriage, remarriage, being single — and even success in business!
  • How to best designate retirement account beneficiaries
  • Learn how simple it is to take action and get the help that you need

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10/16/19 Episode 29 — Protect Your Family and Your Future – Estate Planning — With E.J. Hong: Part 1

  • A woman in transition is faced with all sorts of decisions.  E.J. Hong, a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law helps women in transition protect themselves with strategic estate planning at all stages of transition.
  • Estate planning can create a significant impact during times of transitions, from the loss of a loved one to receiving a windfall.

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10/02/19 Episode 28 — How to Master Risk: From Economic to Personal

  • Whether the next recession is imminent or not, discover what you can control and manage your fears
  • Learn to mitigate risk, open doors to opportunities and avoid common investing mistakes

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09/18/19 Episode 27 — How Financial Advisors Are Paid (And Why)

  • Discover how financial advisors charge for their services, which method Gates Pass Advisor chooses — and why
  • Tune in now and get clarity on how Gates Pass’s planning method goes hand-in-hand with how they charge clients, along with what the planning process looks like



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09/04/19 Episode 26 — Breaking Down Your Planning Barriers

  • Tune in now to learn about the strategies Esther Szabo uses to help prospective clients overcome their hesitation around hiring a financial advisor 
  • Learn how the Gates Pass Advisors team helps clients put guardrails in place so they can better navigate life’s transitions and unexpected road bumps


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