85. Articulate and Achieve Your Goals with Lela Meinke

All financial plans are built around goals. Goals can be exciting, and they can be intimidating. It can actually be challenging to articulate what one really wants, and then commit to move forward, despite setbacks that may arise.

In this episode, Esther Szabo is joined by Lela Meinke, founder of Serenity Cards & Coaching. Lela shares tools and resources she uses to successfully coach individuals seeking to attain higher levels of personal and business success.

Esther and Lela discuss: 

  • The many faces of goals
  • Clifton Strengths and how these impact approach to goal setting 
  • The context of the four quadrants
  • Tools to help us continue to move forward with engagement and authenticity
  • And more

Connect With Lela Meinke:

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About Our Guest:

Lela Meinke’s purpose is to help people find and express their best voice and most creative and authentic self. She has always loved learning and growing and serving as a kind mirror and coach for others.

Highly engaging workshop facilitator and talent development coach who optimizes individual and team performance by bringing heart into business, by connecting teams with their purpose, and by giving leaders, individuals and teams a lasting process that unleashes people’s potential toward achieving excellence.