Monthly Archives: March 2021

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3/24/2021 – Episode 65: How to Give a Killer Presentation — with Kristi Royse

  • In this episode, Esther Szabo talks with Kristi Royse, the founder and CEO of KLR Consulting to explore how you can make the most of your presentations and pitch moments
  • Kristi reveals the expert insight she uses when coaching and supporting her clients, helping them deliver amazing presentations so they can excel in their leadership roles and achieve their personal goals 

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3/17/2021 – Episode 64: Behavioral Finance and the Psychology of Investing — With Jay Mooreland

  • To help you better understand your investing behaviors, Jay Mooreland joins Esther Szabo to discuss ways he helps investors understand how biases influence their investment decisions. 
  • Jay highlights ways you can tune-in to your behaviors and learn from past mistakes to improve future financial decisions.

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