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12/23/19 – Episode 34 — Life Transitions and the Holidays — Help is here!

  • Learn helpful tips for navigating the stresses of the holiday season, especially during times of transition.
  • Discover how a Certified Financial Transitionist®, like Esther Szabo,  supports making the best decisions for you 


Resources: Gates Pass Advisors | 

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12/13/19 – Episode 33 — Care for Your Finances (And You!) This Holiday Season

  • Learn year end financial opportunities you may not want to miss to confidently enter the New Year.
  • Hear practical suggestions for self-care during transition and the holidays


Gates Pass Advisors | | Episode 15: Navigating Transition Through Nutrition: Part 1 — With Guest Anasuya Basil | Episode 16: Navigating Transition Through Nutrition: Part 2 — With Guest Anasuya Basil | My Body Wisdom