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05/15/19 Episode 18 — Technology is Great—How Effective is it for Personal Financial Planning? What I Discovered From Testing out Online Financial Planning Tools

Technology has seeped into almost every corner of our everyday lives, including our financial planning. Most of us feel a bit anxious if our cell phones and connections to time saving apps are too far out of reach.   But how effective is technology in the realm of personal finance? Do you get the same value that you would with a financial professional?

Esther Szabo tested online financial planning tools, including services that provide retirement planning and investment portfolios. Today, she’s reporting back on what she found.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What financial planning and investment questions robo-tools asked
  • Which questions, surprisingly, were not asked
  • What information and solutions were provided
  • What Esther discovered when she looked a little more closely at portfolio allocation recommendations
  • What critical issues were left unaddressed
  • How financial professionals collaborate with clients where online tools don’t
  • The importance to personal success of treating each person uniquely
  • And more!

Tune in now for an under-the-hood look at online financial planning tools and find out what to consider when using them.

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